The new Fiart 52

The new Fiart 52

1960 - Fiart Mare rides the wave of technological innovation by becoming the first yard in Europe to build a boat in a then-absolutely leading-edge material that would ultimately revolutionise the entire nautical sector: fibreglass. The craft in question was a small 3.6m open named Conchita.

2016 - Fiart Mare once again sets the template for its future with a strikingly different boat, by launching a new model in the sports cruiser segment which is already notoriously well-populated by some of the most illustrious international names. It does so, however, fully confident that the Fiart 52 does have something extra, something genuinely different, to offer.

Our intention with the Fiart 52 is to give the market an authentic world boat. Weve poured a wealth of knowledge built up over six decades of nautical construction into creating a model optimised to meet the tastes and demands of a fast-evolving consumer base. This is a stand-out open motoryacht, a concept thats a major departure not only from the craft weve offered thus far to our loyal client base but also from the other vessels on the market. The Fiart 52 has its own unequivocal personality but also shares the core values that have made Fiat Mare one of the great Italian yards and which translate, first and foremost, into the highest standard of quality.

Scheduled to make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival in early September 2016, the Fiart 52 is a yacht that although it retains quite a typical Mediterranean layout and plenty of signature Fiart Mare styling cues, introduces substantial design and thus architectural and functional innovations. This new model is the product of meticulous design that draws on Fiart Mares vast experience in the fast cruiser sector. The result is a sleek take on the concept that mirrors changing times and evolving demands by affording much broader scope for customisation of both the fit-out and deck plan.

The new Fiart 52 strikes a perfect balance between innovation and tradition, melding the exceptional performance of an all-new hull with both superior reliability and guest well-being to the extent that it sets a new benchmark for its competitors worldwide. Its Volvo Penta engine and IPS set-up is the best on todays market and ensures the boat flies across the waves whilst simultaneously cutting vibration and noise levels. The result is a whole new seafaring and helming experience that will satisfy even the most discerning owners.

Every last technical and stylistic detail of the Fiart 52 is steeped in innovation too. This opens up new opportunities in terms of use of space, making it particularly suitable for very diverse climate conditions.

For instance, the 52 is the very first Fiart Mare yacht to feature a deck dinette which is sheltered by the top and can be enclosed aft, creating a bright, a pleasant external space that can be climate-controlled to provide complete protection both from cold, wet weather in winter and excessive summer heat. In short, they will be kept warm and dry in winter and cool and dry in summer.

This new feature significantly influenced the design and look of the Fiart 52. That said, we prefer not to reveal all the unique features of the Fiart 52 just yet. But do stay in touch with Fiat Mare over the coming weeks to find out more. Aside from keeping abreast of our press releases, between now and the end of July when the craft splashes, you can follow us on all the main online and print channels as well as on Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Well be releasing increasingly detailed information and images on the Fiat 52s content in the run-up to the launch. So stay connected to Fiart Mare!

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