35M Baikal catamaran, private, charter, cruise


Into the year 2018 Baikal Yachts Group has entered with the developed concept of three catamarans. Development of new models is a constructive response to the needs of modern fans of yachting and water-based recreation.

Year after year the growing market for catamarans is being added with new models. Such trend is observed at the European market. A great potential of catamarans as compared with mono hulls is beginning to attract the attention of people keen on comfortable travelling.

In autumn 2017 one of the day cruise operators requested BYG to present a concept of a one-day cruise ship which is more comfortable than those running at the present time. Apart from comfort tourists pay attention to the design of the ship: they want to travel by an eye-catching vessel with the yacht design rather than the design of a work vessel.

Thus the idea was born to create the project of a catamaran with transformable hull depending on the objectives the customer has set. The developed project enables to construct at the shipyard an open cruise catamaran for day trips, a charter design alternate or a vessel for private use by a single owner.

Certainly, the trim and outfitting level of all three versions will be considerably different. Only the exterior components of the catamaran in the cruise and charter versions will resemble belonging to supercomfortable private catamaran. And another detail will be embedded into all three versions they will be equipped with the modern hybrid propulsive systems. In all three versions you can use a large area of the roof over the flybridge to install solar panels that will feed diesel-electric plants of different capacity. Combined with the hull of fast displacement type this will give a considerable fuel saving with higher speeds for the vessels of this type. The day cruise catamarans will be equipped with engines from 500h.p. and the charter catamarans about 900h.p. For private catamarans installation of two systems providing in aggregate up to 2000h.p. for each engine is possible. For cruises it is recommended to use steel hulls and for high-speed versions a new magnesium-aluminum alloy with addition of scandium. By its strength this alloy corresponds to steel hulls but at the same time it is lighter than aluminum alloy.
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